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Maintenance Worker

Location: Norwalk, Connecticut US


Requisition Number: 1086

Position Title:

External Description:

General knowledge of basic building trades to perform light carpentry, plumbing, electrical and mechanical repairs throughout the building.


1. Electrical systems. Criteria A: Maintains & troubleshoots nurse call system. Electrical systems. Criteria B: Maintains CCTV system and ensures ALL patient service request on TV/Remotes problems are responded to within twenty minutes.. Electrical systems. Criteria C: Repairs plugs and cord caps. Handles all requests on shift for bulb replacements. While making rounds ensures covers are in place on all electrical boxes and puts in place Lock out/Tag out for any unsafe condition. Electrical systems. Criteria D: Assist in responding to elevator service calls and making determination if outside elevator contractor needs to be called in.
2. Plumbing. Criteria A: Clears stoppages in drain systems. Plumbing. Criteria B: Repairs toilet fixtures. Plumbing. Criteria C: Replaces valves in faucets.Troubleshoots and resolves any requests of leaks in ceiling areas Secures water shut -off in the event of water leak. Plumbing. Criteria D: Familiarizes self in locating and operating Shut off valves for main water meters to buildings and cross connect valving.
3. Carpentry. Criteria A: Is capable of basic troubleshooting and repairing of hospital beds, stretchers, wheel chairs and other mobile equipment.. Carpentry. Criteria B: Able to perform minor wall repairs/patch and paint touch up. Assist in requests related to locks/keys and access to doors and lockers. Carpentry. Criteria C: While making Rounds tightens hardware and inspects ALL doors for code compliance. Carpentry. Criteria D: Replaces all stained or broken ceiling tiles as they are identified. Makes minor repairs/fixes to window blinds. Able to make adjustments/minor repairs and troubleshooting of automatic doors.
4. Mechanical systems. Criteria A: Performs PM on HVAC systems(including filter changing, belt changing and greasing of AHU's.) maintains up to date logs and record keeping to document PM performed. Adheres to established PM schedules on all equipment. assigned on shift. Mechanical systems. Criteria B: Operates and monitors Building Energy Management System(Johnson Control System) . Especially for "alarms" on shift and takes corrective action as necessary. Mechanical systems. Criteria C: Completes Machine Room Rounds and records all readings on equipment in logs and notes any items identified/repaired/fixed or needing follow-up in the Shift NOTES. A copy of the Shift NOTES is to be brought to the Engineering office at the end of each shift. Updates and makes hand-off to next ON DUTY Engineer by briefing him on what was encountered on your shift and any "special orders" for that incoming shift.. Mechanical systems. Criteria D: Responds to All requests regarding the Translogic Pneumatic Tube System and is capable of troubleshooting of the system.
5. Mechanical Systems continued. Criteria A: Achieves and broadens basic familiarity with Hospital plumbing, electrical and oxygen "major shut off valves and disconnects should the need arise. (able to trace out lines, read blue print diagrams). Mechanical Systems continued. Criteria B: Operates the main Chilled Water SubCenter to ensure all chillers and associated equipment are monitored for proper operation along with surgical and medical vacuum systems. Mechanical Systems continued. Criteria C: Monitors and records levels of medical gas supplies on shift. Mechanical Systems continued. Criteria D: In the event of a power loss...confirms that the Emergency Generators are functioning properly and follows established procedures to support the critical areas(ie.OR's and L&D OR's, etc). Once power has been restored follows procedures for any necessary "resetting of equipment".
6. Code Compliance and ILSM's - JCAHO Criteria A: Conducts and records routine Interim Life Safety Measures during shift as required or directed. Ensures all NFPA regulations are adhered to while making rounds and performing work. Responds to and assist to ALL CODES..ie Code Green, Black, Pink, Mr. Firestone, Code 99, etc.) Uses PPE when necessary and follows safe work practices. Code Compliance and ILSM's - JCAHO Criteria B: In the event of a Code "Mr. Firestone" individual is to report to location of Overhead announcement and/or page and assess the situation and take appropriate action till the Fire Department arrives and then take their direction. Code Compliance and ILSM's - JCAHO Criteria C: Is required to work overtime,night and shift work as directed by management. Completes all mandatory safety training in timely manner and completes update training as required. Keeps all required certificates and /or licenses current. Code Compliance and ILSM's - JCAHO Criteria D: In the event of an Emergency- communicates in a timely manner to contact department staff as necessary including Team Lead, Functional Supervisor and Director of Facilities.May be required to work extended hours/days in the event of a major emergency.
7. Performs other duties as assigned.
8. Fulfills all compliance responsibilities related to the position.

Other information:
Required: High school or trade school graduate. 3 years experience preferred in one of the construction or maintenance trades. Thorough knowledge of plant systems and sub-systems if applicable.
Minimum Experience: three years

Desired: Working knowledge of HVAC systems, pumps, steam heating systems. HVAC and/or plumbing license is preferred. Boiler plant and machinery operating experience if applicable.

Location: Norwalk-34 Maple St

Org Unit: 441

Department: Engineering

Work Type: Full-Time

Standard Hours: 40.00

Work Schedule: Eve/Night 8

Exempt from Overtime: Exempt: No


* HS Graduate or Equivalent

City: Norwalk

State: Connecticut

Community / Marketing Title: Maintenance Worker

Company Profile:

Health Quest and Western Connecticut Health Network have combined to form a new nonprofit health system. The name for the new health system will be Nuvance Health. The new health system was created to provide communities across New York’s Hudson Valley and western Connecticut with more convenient, accessible and affordable care.

EEO Employer Verbiage:

Location_formattedLocationLong: Norwalk, Connecticut US

Job Number: 29044