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House Supervisor

Location: Sharon, Connecticut US


Requisition Number: 6205

Position Title:

External Description:


Job Title: House Nursing Supervisor Supervised by: Chief Nursing Officer

Employee Name: Approved by:

Date: Date:

Job Summary: The Nursing House Supervisor is responsible for promoting and maintaining quality patient care through effective management of the activities of the total patient care services during his/her assigned shift. In the absence of the Administrator and/or designee, the Nursing House Supervisor has the authority and responsibility for administrative decisions and appropriate notification of the Administrator-on-Call.

Birth to 1 year X 6 years to 12 years X 30 years to 60 years X
1 year to 3 years X 12 years to 18 years X 60+ years X
3 years to 6 years X 18 years to 30 years X No direct patient care:



EX = Exceptional CP = Competent NI = Needs Improvement
Demonstrates Competency in the Following Areas: EX CP NI
1. Carries out hospital/nursing policies, procedures and standards. 2 1 0
2. Visits all patient care units to ascertain condition of patients, evaluate staffing needs and provide support to caregivers. 2 1 0
3. Ability to adequately assess and reassess pain. Utilizes appropriate pain management techniques. Educates the patient and family regarding pain management. 2 1 0
4. Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors. 2 1 0
5. Administers the effective distribution and utilization of personnel employed during the respective shift. 2 1 0
6. Coordinates and evaluates services rendered by and to all departments during the respective shift on an ongoing basis. 2 1 0
7. Keeps the Nurse Executive, his/her representative and/or the Administrator informed regarding circumstances or situations which have or may have serious impact. 2 1 0
8. Uses good judgment in ensuring adherence to established hospital procedures and policies. 2 1 0
9. Informs personnel on ensuing shift regarding condition of patients, follow-up actions required and any special conditions. 2 1 0
10. Participates on various committees. 2 1 0
11. Participates and assists in the planning and providing of inservice education programs within the hospital or other meetings, seminars or institutes conducted outside the hospital. 2 1 0
12. Participates in patient care meetings and inservice education functions. 2 1 0
13. Demonstrates excellent verbal and written communication skills. 2 1 0
14. Evaluates and documents performance of employees as indicated and communicates this information to the Patient Care Manager. 2 1 0
15. Assumes the duties as outlined in the Emergency Preparedness Manual. 2 1 0
16. Follows Pharmacy protocols for obtaining drugs when the Pharmacist is unavailable. 2 1 0
17. Evaluates accuracy of staffing systems. 2 1 0
18. Uses the principles of AIDET in every customer encounter 2 1 0
19. Performs Hourly Patient Rounding as required by guidelines and standards as appropriate 2 1 0
20. Completes other duties as assigned and required. 2 1 0
Sub Total Section I


It is our responsibility to treat all of our customers (patients, families, physicians, co-workers, and outside contacts) with courtesy, dignity, respect and professionalism. The following is an assessment of your performance relative to each of these expectations.
Welcome and/or greet customers in a professional, polite and respectful way. Assists customers with finding their way. Makes eye contact; introduces self and explains purpose, when appropriate.
Assists people with finding proper resources for problem resolution.
Listens carefully; does not interrupt; gives people full attention.
Respects privacy and dignity. Respects individual and cultural differences
Uses a professional and respectful tone. Does not make disparaging remarks about others.
Respects other people’s time and priorities.
Discusses confidential or sensitive information about customers, employees, or hospital business only with those having a valid need to know, and does so privately, never in public places.
Responds in a timely manner to requests for help. Responds to customers’ needs and provides prompt service. Provides a time frame for providing services and explains any delays. If unable to provide service, finds someone who can assist.
Adapts easily when plans or situations change. Supportive of and appropriately responsive to change.
Invites questions and comments
Communicates with clarity and professionalism both orally and in writing.
Keeps people informed while resolving issues or getting answers to questions.
Takes responsibility for improving processes and systems; looks for new and better ways of doing things
Participates openly, honestly shares opinions, and looks for new and better ways of doing things. Demonstrates a willingness to accept assignments in a positive manner
Maintains positive working relationships with co-workers and all customers. Works as a member of the team; performs duties in a way that makes it easier for others to perform theirs.
Avoids personal conversations with co-workers when providing patient care or other customer service. Demonstrates a professional attitude toward co-workers and customers.
Makes no inappropriate or negative comment about patients, co-workers, physicians, and any aspect of Sharon Hospital while in the presence or within hearing of an internal or external customer. Does not initiate conflict and takes measures to ensure that conflict does not occur.
Demonstrates pride in Sharon Hospital by keeping areas clean and safe. Limits eating, drinking and smoking to designated areas and only during approved times.
Complies with organizational policies regarding ethical business practices.
Demonstrates ongoing responsibility and commitment to the job through attendance and punctuality in relation to stated work hours.
Accepts responsibility for the outcome of decisions. Learns from criticism, is open to new ideas and makes appropriate changes.
Follows professional telephone guidelines.
Behavioral Requirements (OVERALL)
2=Exceptional, 1=Competent, 0=Needs Improvement 2 1 0
Comments: (Please provide specific examples)


A = Acceptable NOA = Not Acceptable NA = Not Applicable

Professional Requirements: A NOA NA
Adheres to dress code, appearance is neat and clean.
Completes annual education requirements.
Maintains regulatory requirements, including all state, federal and Joint Commission regulations.
Reports to work on time and as scheduled.
Wears identification while on duty.
Attends annual review and performs departmental inservices.
Attends committee meetings, as appropriate.
Resolves personnel concerns at the departmental level, utilizing the appropriate process as required.
Ensures compliance with policies and procedures regarding department operations, fire, safety and infection control.
Communicates the mission, ethics and goals of the facility.
Performs Other duties as assigned or requested


Regulatory Requirements:
• Graduate of an accredited school of nursing and holds current licensure in Connecticut as a registered professional nurse.
• A Bachelor's Degree in Nursing or equivalent is preferred.
• Experience as a staff nurse in an acute care setting
• Supervisory or management experience strongly preferred.
• BLS and ACLS required.
Language Skills:
• Possesses good oral and written communication skills.
• Demonstrates interpersonal relationships in a manner which enhances communication, promotes conflict resolution and facilitates staff development.
• Additional languages preferred.
• Basic computer knowledge.
• Skills and knowledge to sustain and evaluate competence in the care of the age and type of patient populations served.
• Demonstrates leadership, managerial ability and the application of good interpersonal relationships and principles of supervision and administration.
Physical Demands:
• For physical demands of position, including vision, hearing, repetitive motion and environment, see following description.
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position without compromising client care.


I have received, read and understand the Position Description/Performance Evaluation above.


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City: Sharon

State: Connecticut

Community / Marketing Title: House Supervisor

Company Profile:

Health Quest and Western Connecticut Health Network have combined to form a new nonprofit health system. The name for the new health system will be Nuvance Health. The new health system was created to provide communities across New York’s Hudson Valley and western Connecticut with more convenient, accessible and affordable care.

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Location_formattedLocationLong: Sharon, Connecticut US

Job Number: 31598